In our restaurant " Arismari " is an ongoing effort to highlight local Cretan cuisine through local, pure, natural products of the Cretan land are the inspiration of our cuisine.

Our place

The " Arismari " is in the old port of Chania, on the ground floor of the unique Venetian mansion in front of the harbor (built in the late 15th century), which remains unchanged over time, combining the old with the modern design and functionality.

Our philosophy

"The Cretan culinary tradition follows the age-old rule: it is the products of the place, time and circumstance and the value of this cooking is the apotheosis of fine raw material."   So we based on the specificity of the Cretan diet make a daily effort to combine traditional with creative cuisine, showing with more intensity and imagination primary raw materials, aromas and flavors of our country always with respect to our roots.

Our name

The word " Arismari " comes from the local dialect and is the herb rosemary, which grows in our country and aromatize some of our recipes.

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